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SoulSpeak, a Divine Interaction, is an awesome experience!! If you  are interested in your personal growth and would love an interactive, quantum experience, SoulSpeak if something you would definately be interested in exploring.

Fantastic for personal, group or corporate settings. Find out more about yourself in an hour than you would in years of self-study and therapy! Experience how easy it is to become a 'channel' for Universal knowledge and wisdom by seeing, speaking, feeling and just knowing!!

SoulSpeak allows you to have an experience that's interactive, insightful, enlightening and sometimes produces intense insights into your very inner being. It also gives you the opportunity to experience just how easy it is to 'channel' information that is beneficial to yourself and others. All you do is 'step' into the experience and you will know everything that is asked of you without having to figure out where it is coming from!!

SoulSpeak is an interactive process that has evolved over the last couple of years in the Awakening Awareness Classes. The process itself requires two or more people and gives you the opportunity to observe, participate, question, and surrogate for Spirit.

We have seen amazing transformations in SoulSpeak sessions. People have worked with health issues, innter male/female balance, connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels, animal communication, Conversations with God, relationship issues, future self, and the opportunity to break through blocks that have been holding you back in any area of your life.

Please check the schedule for the next SoulSpeak coming your way.  Please call or email for more information.

“Soul Speak is a unique and simple way to interact with your Inner soul. I was surprised how this technique really works.  I have to admit I was nervous to watch my male & female energies interact with each other. Once the session was over I noticed that my emotions were changing.  I've always been a person with a certain restless-ness about myself. Now that restlessness is gone and I feel more at ease with myself."

Pamela Hofer
Rapid City, SD    
I have had the pleasure of experiencing many life changing Soul Speaks and I
can honestly say I never cease to be amazed! The Soul Speak process and the
way Mary Graham facilitates has helped me understand and (quickly) move
though many issues that have been holding me back for a long time.  Even
experiences that I didn't know were strongly influencing me.

In one particular SoulSpeak I wanted to understand why I was not feeling worthy of
making more money.  Boy, was I in for a suprise!  I had an incident with the
prized family horse where the horse eventually had to be put down because of
an accident I was responsible for. Keep in mind I hadn't thought about this
incident in years, and thought I had dealt with it.   Well in this SoulSpeak not only
did I realize there are no accidents, but because of seeing it in a more spiritual
perspective I was able to heal this incident and release negative emotions
I was holding.  Emotions of guilt, resentment, shame, not trusting myself
with "valuable" things, you get the picture.

Because of the work I do with emotional health I know these type of emotions
get stuck in our energy systems and can keep us from moving forward to what
we really want, and in my case didn't even know were there until the
intelligence of the Soul Speak process persented it.  It's like my higher self was
saying, "ok, I know you think this is over and done with,  but because you've
shown up you get to have a whole new experience with it, and this time it
will make more sense than you ever imagined!"  Gotta love that.

Dace Price
Energy Therapist, Life Coach

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