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Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is non-threatening process rich with imagery, insight and release.

Uncover the source of past wounding or trauma, retrieve lost energy, remove limiting behaviors, and incorporate energy and vitality into your life. Come away with a deep sense of completion, peace and power in a gentle, efficient, and imaginative way to resolve old issues.

Experience increased joy, creativity and wholeness. Highly recommended!

Soul Retrieval is a process that is done in an safe and gentle atmosphere one-on-one.  This process is done on-site and requires two separate sessions. 

The first session allows to understand what is not working in your life and then the core issues are 'traced' down to a root cause.  It's like weeding the garden.  If you try to pull the weed out but you leave the root in the ground there's a pretty good chance it will come back again.

The second session is the actual retrieval itself. This is an in-depth inner journey that releases old traumas, dramas and belief systems.  The success rate is exceptional. 

Watch for testamonials to come soon.

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