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Take time for yourself!  Explore and discover the "Inner" you.  Creative Living Institute and Retreat Center is pleased to offer several different types of personal development and self-discovery sessions done by telephone from the comfort
of your own home or office or at our beautiful
and relaxing Retreat Center.

Life Coaching
A Life Coach can be your essential ally when seeking advice and guidance, both professionally and personally. At CLI we create a plan of action to keep you motivated and focused, to naturally and easily determine what you love to do, your Unique Gifts, Talents, Passions, and Purpose. All this from the comfort of your own home or office via telephone or a visit from Mary. One-on-one or group Coaching. Let me help you reach out and touch the stars! To schedule an appointment for a Life Coaching Session with Mary.
Life Coaching

A teleclass allows people from anywhere in the country--in fact, anywhere in the world--to attend a virtual classroom and learn from a teacher without the inconvenience and expense of travel, the hassles of parking and finding your classroom, or the need to meet in a real facility. You save time, aggravation, money and gain access to teachers you might not be able to learn from in any other way. Teleclasses

Invigorate your Spirit by understanding your soul's purpose. You’ll see how your purpose comes into focus using the unique vibration of your birth name and date as you entered this world with a Numerotherapy Session. This session will help you understand patterns in your life and how to use challenge as a means to move forward and take hold of your dreams. Excellent for those in transition. To schedule an appointment with Mary.  Numerotherapy

Intuitive Consulting
The only thing you your Spirit lifting...Soothe your Spirit by exploring the deeper lessons and meanings in the events and patterns of your life with an Intuitive Consultation. Explore and discover what your Spirit wants you to hear. An Intuitive Consult boosts energy and vitality to create lasting changes for physical, mental and emotional well-being. To schedule an appointment with Mary.
Intuitive Consulting

Academy of Awakening Awareness Classes
A Creative Enrichment Program, a 'how to' manual/program for creating the Life you dream of! Create breakthroughs in: Health, Finances, Spirituality, and Relationships. Classes available on-site and via teleclass. Enroll now!!

SoulSpeak, A Divine Interaction!
Explore SoulSpeak if you want a growth-oriented, interactive, quantum experience. Find out more about yourself in an hour than you would in years of self-study and therapy. Experience how easy it is to become a channel for Universal knowledge and wisdom by seeing, speaking, feeling and just knowing!! To register for SoulSpeak.  SoulSpeak

Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is non-threatening process rich with imagery, insight and release. Uncover the source of past wounding or trauma, retrieve lost energy, remove limiting behaviors, and incorporate energy and vitality into your life. Come away with a deep sense of completion, peace and power in a gentle, efficient, and imaginative way to resolve old issues. Experience increased joy, creativity and wholeness. Highly recommended! For an appointment with Mary. 
Soul Retrieval

Regression Therapy
Is there really such a thing as past lives?  I guess we don't have any 'proof' that there is, and it is possible that the mind just creates the scenes that you see, but from my perspective it just doesn't make any difference if it helps find meaning and purpose to any area of your life and help you to move forward. 
Schedule an appointment with Mary.
Regression Therapy

Personal Growth * Life Coaching * Self Development * Stress Management * Self Awareness * Mentoring
Create The Life You Want to Live, Celebrate the Life You Create!
Mary Graham, Facilitator
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