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Mary Graham Founder
Creative Living Institute
Mary Graham known as the Intuitive Entrepreneur, is the founder and President of Creative Living Institute, Creative Living Publishing and the Academy of Awakening Awareness, as well as the creator of several highly-acclaimed courses such as the Secrets to the Inner Game of Success©, Inner Wizard, and the successful Awakening Awareness© Life Enrichment Series.

She is also the originator of SoulSpeak: A Divine Interaction©, and a trainer and facilitator of the life transforming Soul Retrieval process.  She has a unique background as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, certified trainer, coach, mentor and intuitive.
Mary Graham, Intuitive Entrepreneur
Mary was a co-host for a weekly international radio show, Spiritual Coffee, and has done a regular, weekly spot on the NBC morning affiliate with a segment on how to Create the Life you WANT to Live!  She has created, designed and produced Room Charms Diffuser Reeds, and authored and produced several guided meditation and Self-help CDs.

Through her private practice, Mary has assisted prominent psychologists, lawyers, therapists, spiritual leaders, executives, businesses, corporations, teachers, screenwriters and producers to enhance their personal and professional lives.  She also offers educational training programs and seminars to help individuals learn who and what they really are, decode their personal 'road map' to life, find meaning and purpose in their life choices, and amplify the overall, holistic balance in their lives.

Mary also trains holistic practitioners how to take quantum leap in their business or private practice using the skills and strategies she has gathered by working with hundreds of clients for more than 15 years.

"I have a natural intuitive gift.  It is the cornerstone for all the work I do and for
Creative Living Institute.  My mission is to empower people by helping them
connect with their own inner guidance system; I call it the Inner Wizard.  When
they do they consistently identify and move through their barriers, discover their
purpose, live with passion and discover  TRUE success."

Mary's edu-tainment style keeps her audience inspired and motivated.  Her accelerated success techniques are a simple step-by-step blueprint to help participants learn faster, remember more and achieve maximum results that can be used for the rest of your life to create high-speed success in any area of your life!  Proven tips and techniques for tangible results in half the time!  The change that people experience is immediate and tangible.

"Mary's seminars are fun and invigorating.  Her powerful, yet down to earth approach, reaches everyone.  I can now set any goal and expect to achieve it--thanks to the 'Inner Game of Success' she has reprogrammed me!"

--Nola Price

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Meditation E-Lesson
Developed by Creative Living Institute, these Guided Meditation CDs contain three meditations with under tones of subtle music:
Guided Meditation CD
         Go of Cares and Concerns)
Guided Meditation CD
  (Wash Away Stress,                     Tension and Concerns)

Guided Meditation CD
We now have The Secret on DVD!
The Secret to everything you have ever wanted. In this astonishing program are ALL the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret.
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