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The Academy of Awakening Awareness offers seminars in numerous disciplines that inspire you to take personal responsibility for your life by mastering skills the ancient Masters taught. Find your
authentic power using the transformational tools this program offers. Deepen and
strengthen your skills with very simple yet effective techniques.

If you are Ready to:

· Expand your vision
· Transform you life
· Fulfill your purpose
· Commit to changing your life

Then you will love these interactive programs!! Now is the time to act!!

"You cannot create what you have not yet envisioned!"

For your convenience, we offer two options for taking classes:

1. On-site, classroom time with a wonderful group of like-minded individuals that meet and learn together.

2. Tele-classes. You can be a part of these interactive, live classes from the comfort of your own home.      Various Classes offered in six weekly sessions or special one-time topics. Hands-on, interactive,           discussions, projects and more.

“Whatever you feed with attention will grow detailed, bold, and brilliant with life for you. Feed the wolves that howl on the outskirts of imagination or feed your dreams instead”

Awakening Awareness Curriculum

Awareness begins by building a strong spiritual foundation. Then we begin to study and master the powerful and inspiring ancient sciences. Extensive study is required in the following areas:

· Who am I?
· What am I?
· Meditation
· Soul Contracts
· Polarity: Masculine/Feminine inner balance
· Personal Empowerment
· Manifestation Techniques

From this foundation you move into gaining wisdom, knowledge and understanding
of the following areas:

· Aromatherapy
· Developing Intuitive Awareness
· Energy Balancing
· Feng Shui
· How to Create the Life you Want
· How to Take Time for Your Life
· Human Energy Field & Bio Energetics
· Labyrinths
· Mind, Body Connection
· Numerotherapy
· Soul Retrieval
· SoulSpeak

In addition to these exciting topics…

· Guest Speakers
· Current Events
· Book Studies
· Movie Themes

“Many are chosen…few choose!”


“Mary’s teachings have helped me to move to a level I never thought I could reach. Now I can see there is even more out there that is also reachable. Believe me when I say if you have questions that are never answered, this is the place to be. You truly are more than you think.” Erie

“‘Know Thyself’ is written over the door of the Mystery Schools. This class has been an opportunity to enter that door.” Nancy

“Mary’s class helped raise my awareness in many areas in a fun, casual atmosphere. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is on a conscious, spiritual path.” Susan

“This class provides the stimulus I needed to speed up my spiritual growth. The friendships we form are a special bonus. And besides it’s fun!” Thelma

“I was looking for something ‘more’, some way to deepen my spirituality. I wanted to expand my awareness of God and the universe. Awakening Awareness classes offered me the opportunity to see things differently, opening up new ways to look at people and events that have been or are part of my life. I look forward to these weekly classes and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to enhance their personal growth and at the same time have some fun!” Karla

Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can receive the divine teachings.
The professors are children, strangers, birds, cats, bees and flowers--all of LIFE teaches.

Class Syllabus - Enrichment Series

Enrichment Program Series I

Authentic Power and Personal Growth I

Class 1: Who am I? (I)
· Understand the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, better know as, as above, so below.
· Understand the deep meaning of this statement and how it directly relates to you.
· What does it mean to establish a spiritual foundation?

Class 2: Who am I? (II)
· What are the esoteric sciences and how will they enhance your own personal journey?
· The Frequency of energy. What is ‘energy’ and how can you better utilize it.

Class 3: What am I? (I)
· If you want to get to heaven-get human!
· Dimensional Existences—are there other dimensions besides the one we live in?
· Light and tonal frequencies
· Why personal relationships may begin to move and change at this stage of your learning and                 development

Class 4: What am I? (II)
· Imagination as the golden key to transformation
· Discipline of the conscious mind
· The God seed
· Do our thoughts manifest our reality?

Class 5: The Art of Meditation I
· What is meditation
· Why should you meditate
· What happens in meditation
· What are the benefits?
· Preparation and what to expect
· Guided meditation

Class 6: The Art of Meditation II
· Stages of Meditation
· Passive vs. Active
· Prayer vs. Meditation
· How to reduce stress
· Guided meditation

Enrichment Program Series 2

Ancient Secrets of the Esoteric Sciences I

Beginning Numerotherapy

Class 1: Numerotherapy Unlock your personal code
· What is numerology?
· Why should I study it?
· Pythangoras—Master Teacher
· Road Map of this life
· What do the numbers mean?
· How to calculate numbers

Class 2: Numerology—What does a name mean?
· How to Start a numerology chart
· Soul Number
· Personality Number
· Expression/Destiny Number
· Karmic Lesson
· Subconscious response
· Personal interpretation of these numbers
· You interpret other peoples numbers for a deeper understanding

Class 3: Numerology-What’s in a birthday?
· Life path number
· Life cycles
· Pinnacles
· Karmic debts (different from karmic lessons)
· Life challenges
· How do these numbers work together

Class 4: Predictive Numerology
· How to look to the future
· Timing for major events in your life
· Your potential for achievement
· Potential difficulties
· Personal Interpretation of these numbers
· You interpret other peoples numbers for a deeper understanding

Class 5: Numerology--Your Personal Road Map
· How to do a personality profile on an individual
· Life path number
· Sub-lesson
· Goal personal year

Class 6: More about yourself
· Personal day
· Personal month
· Maturity number
· Overall picture
· Wrapping it up
· Quiz and completion Certificate

Enrichment Program Series 3

Authentic Power and Personal Growth 2

Class 1: Soul Contracts I
· What is a ‘Soul Contract’?
· Why is it important to understand them?
· Drama we’ve created in this life
· How we cast the leading roles
· Little Soul and the Sun
· Relationship card

Class 2: Soul Contracts II
· Go over exercise given from last week
· Process how to empower yourself in these relationships
· Relationship card

Class 3: Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy and Polarity (I)
· What is the Feminine Principle
· What is the Masculine Principle
· Form, Matter and Physics
· If you want to manifest in the here and now you have to be in your body
· How to tell if you have balanced masculine and feminine energy
· What came first, masculine or feminine energy?

Class 4: Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy and Polarity (II)
· The Stories of the Bible
· What is the story of Christmas really about?
· Christ Consciousness
· Manifestation principles and techniques
· Play Sheet Exercise

Spirituality isn’t based on the amount of information you know, anyone can have a large database of information, it’s how you choose to use that information by responding and reacting to life all around you. In order to build anything of substance you need a strong foundation.

Awakening Awareness On-Site

This class series is taken sequentially in order to build a strong spiritual foundation that will continue to grow. Each student is expected to attend as many as possible or you may feel lost. It is not required to attend every class, I understand life happens and there will may be some weather to contend with or appointments outside of class that need to be kept. There is a lot of content with every class and it moves very quickly.

Each class will run approximately 1.5 hours in length. Each Enrichment Series will run 6 weeks.

There will be many homework and in-class assignments and projects. Expect discussion and check-in times with every class. This series is very interactive and questions and processing are very important.

Tuition for each class is $25 if you pay by the week or $20 if you pay up front, payable at the start of each class or for the entire month. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.

There is an Awakening Awareness Workbook that comes with the class series. It is a three ring binder with the appropriate dividers for each section. You will receive mini-booklet or handouts each week for the topics being covered that you will then insert into your workbook. It then becomes a manual of sorts. The cost for the workbook is in addition to the classes--$20

Certificates of Completion:
You will receive a certificate for the hours you have completed in each major section of the enrichment series. In order to receive the certificate you must pass an oral test, be present for most of the classes and demonstrate a working knowledge of the material.

Next Class Start Date:
Please call or email CLI for the next Enrichment Series start date. 605-716-6202    email us

Coincidences, luck, providence, cosmic “woo woo,” voodoo or grace, something unusual happens when we choose to follow our inner connection. Tama J Kievs


Instructor: Mary Graham

“I have been teaching classes in the Esoteric Sciences for over 14 years. My passion is to help people understand who they ‘truly’ are, find themselves, and be happy. I love teaching the Awakening Awareness series, of all the things I do it’s my favorite. I love to see the transformations people have in their lives. People who have ‘graduated’ from prior series are still sharing with me how much this information has changed their lives for the better.”

Mary does this by creating inspiring and creative programs to help you create the life you love. Using alternative choices to show you how to step back, regain control, and make conscious decisions about the future you’d like to create and begin living the life you love.

Expectations of Students in Class
· Committed to spiritual growth
· Attend as many classes as possible
· Be open and willing to learn
· Honor classmates by listening and participating in an appropriate way
· All discussions in class are considered confidential

What to expect from us:
· We are equals
· We learn from each other
· Information brought to class is our personal opinion, sometimes a theory, our words are not the last       word
· We are not gurus
· A suggested reading list

“Be not the slave of your own past—plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim
far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an
advanced experience, that shall explain and overlook the old”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Academy of Awakening Awareness
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